The Mako Partial Knee
surgical experience

  • Preoperative patient specific CT based plan50
  • Functional implant positioning
  • The potential for optimized implant alignment and loading conditions that may enhance implant longevity50-51
  • Mako MCK Implants
  • Mako robotic-arm assistance
Mako Total Hip

Enhanced planning

  • Patient-specific pre-operative plan enables more accurate implant positioning.14, 98-101
  • A 3-D model of the patient’s anatomy is generated from a pre-operative CT Scan. This offers a virtual view of the entire joint from all angles.
  • This virtual model is used to plan the initial implant size, orientation and alignment. The plan is reviewed and approved by the surgeon pre-operatively.
Mako Total Hip

Dynamic joint balancing

  • The Mako System offers the ability to intra-operatively fine tune planned implant placement to accommodate hard and soft tissue anatomy for potentially optimized implant articulation and ligament balancing.50-51

Robotic-arm assisted bone preparation

Mako robotic-arm assistance allows for controlled resurfacing within a pre-defined resection volume and provides 3-D visualization of patient anatomy and real time resection progress.