Mako Partial Knee implants

  • The Mako Partial Knee System is a family of implants designed from over 100 CT scans that reflect gender and size.68
  • The femoral and patellofemoral implants were designed to be compatible for bicompartmental use.68
  • The system is indicated for: medial, patellofemoral, lateral unicompartmental or bicompartmental (medial and patellofemoral) applications.
Mako Partial Knee implants

Mako enabled resurfacing

Implant designs feature bone sparing, curved surfaces. These implant features are enabled by Mako robotic-arm assistance which allows surgeons to create anatomic, sculpted resections68 using a single 6mm burr to complete the entire case.

Smooth patella transition

Mako patellofemoral: the trochlear notch was designed to curl into the femur to aid smooth patella transition to the condyles.68

Mako Partial Knee

Mako Partial Knee

Mako femur: the anterior region includes a twist for patella relief (for avoidance of impingement).68

Anatomic coverage

  • The curved anterior region is designed to follow the natural contours of the femur, supporting coverage in both extension and flexion.68
  • The tibial baseplate features an anteroposterior to mediolateral aspect ratio which allows for medial-lateral coverage while being less invasive to the tibial eminence and ACL.68

Bone sparing

  • Minimal thickness of the baseplate (2mm) permits a minimal resection
  • Total baseplate construct thickness 8mm (6mm poly + 2mm baseplate)
Partial Knee Bone Sparing

Mako X3 uni onlay tibial insert

X3 polyethylene precisely engineered polyethylene underpins Stryker’s total hip, knee and shoulder arthroplasty solutions. Stryker’s patented39 process creates a polyethylene that is uniquely strong40,41 and intrinsically resistant to wear40 and oxidation.42 X3’s manufacturing process of sequential crosslinking uses three separate gamma irradiation doses with an annealing step after each.