The Mako Total Knee surgical experience

  • Developed based on the Mako Partial Knee application to facilitate functional implant positioning
  • Clinically proven88 Triathlon Total Knee System Implants
Mako systems

Enhanced planning

  • CT data is segmented to create a 3D model of the patient’s bony anatomy. The total knee application allows a surgeon to manipulate the Triathlon implant on the patient’s virtual 3D anatomy taking into account the 6 degrees of freedom of implant alignment in all three planes, and consider key anatomic landmarks such as the transepicondylar axis, posterior condylar axis and the mechanical axis during planning.
Enhaned Planning

Dynamic joint balancing

  • After assessing the patient’s ligament tension, gap analysis, and limb alignment, surgeon controlled intra-operative adjustments can be made to the pre-operative plan in both flexion and extension before bone preparation.

Robotic-arm assisted bone preparation

The Mako Total Knee application does not require cutting blocks, A/P sizing guides, ankle cradles, or intramedullary rods for bone preparation. Similar to Mako Partial Knee, the total knee application creates a stereotactic boundary which assists the surgeon in executing both the tibial and femoral bone resections to plan. The stereotactic boundary has the potential to protect essential anatomical structures of the knee during bone preparation including the PCL and the popliteal artery.